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17 Oct Cactus VS Beauarti


We take the example of the Cactus Tree as a comparison to please the understanding of all the women out there BEAUARTI. I want to ask uols all ... why Cactus Tree blh live in a hot desert Desert?

Cactus trees can store water with great power! That is why even any hot cactus trees can still live n x wilt because of its greatness in water storage.

The same as face ... all the problems of acne, dry skin and so on everything happens in our skin is not slippery. That's why we need BEAUARTI to keep our skin's moisture down. After all the BEAUARTI skin's face will be so moist jeeee. _ When the face is moist and the time of our skin plaque will be like Cactus. There is no heat anymore. The facial skin will still maintain due to the skin of our face that there is enough moisture. The acne problem will no longer exist ... have said before ... acne problems occur because of our dry skin. _ Ha now I do not understand why we compare Cactus and Beauarti trees? As great as Cactus Cactus in storing water to live in deserts of hot mcm plague uols will feel when wearing BEAUARTI that will keep the skin moist to prevent any skin problems